Popular Therapies

There are a range of modalities and therapies available but here are some of our favorites:

TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process)

  •  3 x 2 hour sessions over a period of one month
  • Up to 4 hours of preparation by the therapist makes your sessions  personalized after analysis of personal history
  • Self -management tools for stress and anxiety– sent to you after your TRTP sessions are completed so you can begin to use on your own and be empowered without the therapist
  • One month follow up call to check on your improvements
  • Plus 3 month follow up call to check on your improvement
  • Additional resources and tools emailed to you specific for your situation

Therapeutic Counselling

The Psychodynamic or therapeutic approach goes further into your personality, ways that you individually operate and looks at your  family history since birth, with the aim of getting to the foundational causes of emotional problems eg ingrained subconscious beliefs created by trauma. TRTP does this but is less about talk therapy. For many people however, they prefer to talk out their issues so therapeutic counselling is ideal.

Therapeutic counselling helps you improve your situation moving forward but in the process reviewing the past and untangling unhealthy patterns which may have started early in life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can benefit anyone, even if they do not present a problem but would like to improve their mindset. It is particularly beneficial for adults who have mental habits that need changing, or feel stuck with the same types of unwanted triggers and reactions. It may help with motivation and overcoming self sabotage and procrastination. It can also assist in combination with life coaching or solutions focused therapy to help you actually reach a goal. Solutions focused therapy is a short term series of sessions with a therapist to work through a problem towards it’s actual solution and/or resolution.

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