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The following clients are verified who have provided testimonials and reviews after completing TRTP with Maria:

“My life is far better after Richards therapy”

“My life is far better after Richards therapy. I don’t feel angry all the time. I am free of it.”

(Western Australian male, name withheld for privacy-Client verified)

“The results have been tremendously effective”

I felt thoroughly prepared for the sessions by Maria’s thoughtful pre-counsel. Each session was powerful, and I felt safe and secure and confident in Maria’s professional skills. The results have been tremendously effective bringing lasting healing to a very traumatic event in my life. I highly recommend Maria as a compassionate professional and gentle therapist using TRTP for outstanding lasting impact.

(name withheld for privacy, client verified)

“A month later after finishing the TRTP therapy my entire life turned around”

Before I started the process with Maria I was in shock and grief over losing everything I valued. I was a victim of a devastating fire that completely destroyed all my worldly goods. They were burned to nothing but ashes. Only by God’s grace and mercy did I escape with my life. Maria helped me to process the trauma and refocus my life on getting back on track. A month later after finishing the TRTP therapy my entire life turned around.

I got my inner strength and hope back. I got connected to a great vibrant church, made some great friends, got a new job and was able to replace many things that I lost in the fire. I am so grateful to Maria and the TRTP program and would recommend anyone who has gone through a life devastating trauma of any kind to take heart. There is Hope and you can find a life after the trauma. Contact Maria she has what it takes to help you process the hurts of the past and help you start making the right decisions that will give you hope and a better future.

(Name withheld for privacy-Client verified)

“I have suffered the effects of chronic PTSD since childhood and depression from a young age”

I have suffered the effects of chronic PTSD since childhood and depression from a young age.

For most of my life I felt like I was living in a giant bubble. No tomorrow, no yesterday, just living in a state of “now”.

My mind was extremely foggy. My short and medium term memory was all but non -existent. And horrific night terrors almost every night. Thrashing around, screaming out and waking up utterly exhausted.

Maria’s heart is genuinely in her therapy, and my life has been forever changed since.

I have my clarity of mind back, sharp and crisp. I no longer suffer from depression, and the night terrors stopped immediately.

I have a quality of life I didnt know I could experience.

My self image has beyond dramatically stronger also.

I can’t recommend Maria enough. She is wise, sincere and has a genuine heart for people.

The therapy is nothing short of powerful and life altering.

The positive instant changes in my life have been dramatic.

I am forever thankful.

(Australian male, name withheld for privacy) – Client Verified

“It enabled me to be free from lifelong inhibitions”

TRTP had a profound effect on me. It enabled me to be free from lifelong inhibitions, and emotional issues that I’d been carrying fir a very long time. What I love is the feeling that I’m free to be the real me. I had tried a lot of therapies in the past but this one actually works!! and with Maria’s help I was able to resolve them quickly. Thank you Maria, I’m so glad I found this.

Darryl – Client Verified

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