Art Therapy- can it help you?

Art therapy can benefit anyone. It is particularly beneficially for adults who may experience problems expressing themselves, or for those that need a “left of field” approach to solutions focused therapy.

Solutions focused therapy is a short term series of sessions with a therapist to work through a problem towards it’s actual solution and/or resolution.

Art therapy has also of particular benefit for:

• adults with unresolved grief from passing of a loved one or separation or divorce

• adults who are resistant to necessary change

mutes without a physical disability (elective mute)

children with anxiety, special needs or learning difficulties

teenagers/young adults lacking confidence

• the elderly

those who have no words to describe how they feel

• for some recovering addicts

Parts of art therapy can also be incorporated into regular counselling.

Online Art Therapy Service

For some clients, art therapy can be done online via video conferencing. 

For this service, solutions focused therapy is also included and the client has the option of using an art app if they have an ipad and stylus eg ipencil, or they can gather their own art materials in preparation for each session.   Sessions can involve therapeutic art exercises and/or interpretative art exercises whereby the therapist interprets the art making in terms of what is going on in the client’s subconscious. The client is also empowered by releasing suppressed emotions, without necessarily talking too much about what has happened to them or how their experiences have led them to their current situation, until they are ready to do so.

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