Life Coaching

Life coaching is all about change for a new start or start over. You may already know that changes are needed within yourself, your organization or your relationships but it’s just too difficult. You may be facing confusion, blockages, procrastination or sabotage or overwhelm. You may have trouble achieving your dreams and goals because you feel held back by fear of change or because your own self-limiting beliefs.


Types of Coaching:

Personal development – to help overcome difficulties and reach life goals and improve relationships – both personal and professional

Corporate Wellness– assisting Business Owners or Employees with confidence issues, decision-making, interview techniques and generally improving how they think, feel and act in the workplace. 

Common reasons for seeking Coaching:

• If you are are uncertain of your direction in life

• If you doubt your own potential

• If you want to succeed but don’t know where to start

• If you feel ‘lost’ or confused.

• If you have too many problems to solve on your own

• If a situation continues to stress you no matter what you do

• If you are unhappy with life generally or if you are going through an identity crisis

• If you feel undervalued

• If you are longing for a career change (for example changing from employee to self- employed or  changing career to a completely different industry).

• If you feel disorganised, unfocused and uncertain etc.

Change Agent

Life Coaching and Therapeutic Coaching will assist you with dealing with unexpected change, or making the changes you need to achieve your goals and dreams. 

This is possible through:

• Becoming more aware of, and understanding the way you operate and behave

• Understanding what makes you behave in a certain way

• Re-evaluating your self- talk and the negative power of your mind
own mind and embracing empowering self talk

• Being aware of and changing your perception of self and your self-image

New Mindset New Results

Reasons people seek coaching assistance:

  • they are uncertain of their direction in life;
  • they doubt their own potential or have “imposter syndrome”;
  • they want to succeed but don’t know where to start;
  • they feel ‘lost’ or confused;
  • they have too many problems;
  • they are stressed;
  • they are unhappy with life;
  • they feel undervalued;
  • they long to work for themselves; and /or
  • they feel disorganized, unfocused or uncertain.

Dealing with outside changes or making personal change

Life coaching is therefore about personal change as a catalyst to overcoming problems and finding solutions to problems, rather than just goal setting and neutralizing procrastination.

The most popular types of life coaching sought are:

  • Business
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships

Having a coach alongside you during a difficult time in your life, can help both lighten the burden and also give insight into opportunities and new options that you may not have considered before.

Maria has over 20 years experience in business supervising teams and over 30 years as a lawyer dealing with a variety of people’s problems and conflicts.

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