General Counselling

General Counselling for everyday reduction of stress & anxiety 

Instead of a therapy approach, you may feel you need to “talk things out” for clarification of the problem, then decide on which approach to utilize, whether it be life coaching or life skills, ongoing counselling or a specific therapeutic intervention.

Common reasons for people seeking counselling include:

• Grief and bereavement

• Marriage or relationship breakups

• Stress management

• Feeling lost or confused

• Feeling undervalued

• Low self-esteem or confidence

• Bullying in workplace

• Depression

Making sense of the emotional turmoil

Whilst counselling focuses on the now and future, sessions can also work on any underlying issues and mind habits that are unhealthy and need to be addressed.  Counselling can be a longer process than specific therapy processes but is most useful to clients who need:

• Assistance to have a deeper exploration into any issue in a safe environment
• Assistance to make sense of their problems
• Assistance to release their emotions
• Assistance with starting the process to deal with any outstanding problems
• Support throughout the process of making changes to deal with such problems

 A solutions focused approach

Counselling can also help you recognize the extent of the real problem so you can see where you need to start to change things to improve your life. Many clients will often hide the true extent of their distress and this can happen due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Feeling embarrassed

  • Wishing to protect others

  • Feeling too fatigued

  • Not wishing to make a fuss about something they feel they should have been able to deal with

  • Not feeling worthy enough or deserving enough to have a positive change in their life

The relationship with your therapist/counsellor is extremely important and will play a factor in your healing. It’s very important that you have confidence in that the therapist you engage is able to:

• Have empathy and compassion for your situation

• Listen fully and without any type of judgement

• Be trustworthy and reliable and hold a safe space for you

• Be unbiased and calm and discern correctly to provide the best strategies for you

• Be available to support you during upheavals of change to see you to the other side safely

• In addition to supporting you, also challenge your beliefs if doing so will help you overcome difficulties and grow more resilient and more independent

A therapist who understands

Maria has over 20 years experience in business, supervising teams and over 30 years experience as a lawyer dealing with a variety of people’s problems and conflicts.

Let’s connect by phone

Maria offers an initial assessment consult free of charge so that you can check to see if you feel comfortable engaging ongoing services.

It’s a great opportunity to also get a quick review of your situation to find out which service is best for you whether it be a particular short term therapy, open ended counselling or coaching or even a fusion of each, taking a holistic approach utilizing a combination of modalities that are tailored to you specifically. 

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